Monday, June 30, 2008


I should be blogging about Pacquiao's winning fistfight against Diaz but nah I just don't like blogging stuffs that my fellow bloggers will be blogging about. I hate Pacman but I still wanted him to win because y'know Pinoy Pride. Good thing he won or i will curse him until I don't see his soul burning with the fires of hell.

Anyway my Dad phoned me 3 nights ago, and this time i had the guts to answer it. For a month or two I would reject his calls or ignore it, divert it, put my phone on line 2 just to avoid his friggin' call. So we talked, asked how am I; I told I'm fine and I doing great being a bum. LOL. I thought he was gonna do again his litany about me deciding to stop my college for a sem or two but naah. He asked me if I still have plans to go back to college since I'm only a few units away from earning a degree and besides he already spent nearly a million for my college tuition fees and miscellaneous (and when I say miscellaneous. kickback and my party moolah is included! hahaha). h

He told me to pursue what i have already started so i said okay. But I was kinda expecting that he would allow me to work in Canada since I am over qualified to replace my step mom job in there. haha.

He's in India right now and in a week or two he'll be in Egypt then hopefully this July he's coming home to the Philippines.. just the thought that he's coming home makes me giddy cause that means I'll have new gadgets, clothes, and I'll be devouring loads of chocolates. The conversation ended without greeting him a happy belated father's day. So here I am writing bout stuffs regarding my last convo with my Dad. Happy Belated Father's Day Dad! Sorry for disappointing you, I can't promise you anything since I'm your prodigal son ayt? I love you so much.


I am thinking about blogging the last coke event held last friday which I attended with some of my online friends. Since I'm still protecting my other persona (meaning my other famous "kuno" blog persona) here in blogosphere I wont post any photos except the freebies i got.. Yey! I am loving coca cola for that.

and yeah. I should start bloghopping nao.


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