Monday, July 7, 2008


June 27, 2008

I went to Mall Of Asia to attend the Buhay Coke ng Mga Bloggers event. It was an awesome party. Free foods, free booze, free coke of course and lots of freebies.

the pictures on the right side of your window screen is the freebies i got from that said event.


I woke up early today and I immediately signed in my yahoo messenger account then my girl friend pm-ed me and as usual she's talking about this romance with someone who doesn't love her back. Now she's feeling empty and alone and she felt like nobody loves her. Typical post-heartbreak trauma. lol. So i said everything's gonna be fine. Okay I suck when it comes to this shit. I wasn't blessed with a good guidance speech talent but surely though i got some listening skills. I just hope that my listening skills are enough to comfort her and tell her that even though she felt like nobody loves her, we; her friends we'll still be on her side caring for her.

maybe I should give her coke? hmmm.. or maybe not.. haha

Friday, July 4, 2008


money is teh root of all evil

hell yeah. i would do anything for money especially now that i'm effing broke. i have 300 bucks on my wallet. I'm poor! boohoo! pity me

I was thinking of maybe selling my kidneys and internal organ but Philippine law doenst allow such act anymore unlike before were selling kidneys is very rampant. My last resort would be ending up into cybersex industry, porn making, and dancing in gay bars and selling my virgin ass. Yay! i wish my bro had already received our allowance. I can't go to a party being broke. Dear God please make me a millionaire! I need moolahs!

Monday, June 30, 2008


I should be blogging about Pacquiao's winning fistfight against Diaz but nah I just don't like blogging stuffs that my fellow bloggers will be blogging about. I hate Pacman but I still wanted him to win because y'know Pinoy Pride. Good thing he won or i will curse him until I don't see his soul burning with the fires of hell.

Anyway my Dad phoned me 3 nights ago, and this time i had the guts to answer it. For a month or two I would reject his calls or ignore it, divert it, put my phone on line 2 just to avoid his friggin' call. So we talked, asked how am I; I told I'm fine and I doing great being a bum. LOL. I thought he was gonna do again his litany about me deciding to stop my college for a sem or two but naah. He asked me if I still have plans to go back to college since I'm only a few units away from earning a degree and besides he already spent nearly a million for my college tuition fees and miscellaneous (and when I say miscellaneous. kickback and my party moolah is included! hahaha). h

He told me to pursue what i have already started so i said okay. But I was kinda expecting that he would allow me to work in Canada since I am over qualified to replace my step mom job in there. haha.

He's in India right now and in a week or two he'll be in Egypt then hopefully this July he's coming home to the Philippines.. just the thought that he's coming home makes me giddy cause that means I'll have new gadgets, clothes, and I'll be devouring loads of chocolates. The conversation ended without greeting him a happy belated father's day. So here I am writing bout stuffs regarding my last convo with my Dad. Happy Belated Father's Day Dad! Sorry for disappointing you, I can't promise you anything since I'm your prodigal son ayt? I love you so much.


I am thinking about blogging the last coke event held last friday which I attended with some of my online friends. Since I'm still protecting my other persona (meaning my other famous "kuno" blog persona) here in blogosphere I wont post any photos except the freebies i got.. Yey! I am loving coca cola for that.

and yeah. I should start bloghopping nao.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Liar Liar Liar

remember when I told you that I'm not a good liar?
I lied

and remember when I told you that I'm in love with you?
I'm sorry but I lied

These words just pop out of my mind. I dont know. Prolly because i felt that my girlfriend took me for granted. But I must tell you no matter what she does. I am totally in love with her

2 bottles

I initiated a fight last night. I was really intoxicated with alcohol. 2 bottles of San Mig light made me drunk. If there was a drinking constest i'd be the last man standing. I dont know why with just two bottles of light beers made me do silly stuffs.

After devouring those 2 bottles of alcoholic brevegrages i went to the dancefloor. Dance and partied like there was no tomorrow. I really didn't care what i was doing. But yeah that dancing incident make me wish to have amnesia.

Went home with my buddies and on the way back to my pad I bullied this emo friend. WTF! I could be killed that night. He was known for his fighting skills and has a history of rumbling with a security guard. He's so small (about 5'5), very fragile looking (if your gonna erase his tattoos) but he can paralyze you with just a single punch. Maybe he was just being considerate last night, since he was 4 years older than. WTF! that's not even a reason to involve myself into that kind of trouble. Maybe i was just being immature, No! I am Immature! Shit!

Later that night or dawn he updated his plurk account and he was telling that the night was awesome yet not. FUCK! the time i read that update I signed in into my Yahoo Messenger account and send him an apology through an I.M. I thought he was gonna threaten me with stuffs like killing my family, raping my girlfriend or even fucking my cat. But he said that he believe in karma and im gonna pay him someday (err we'll be seeing each other on saturday. It's his bday partey. Jesus please save me!). Just the thought that he said that made me wanna go back to my mother's womb. But yeah. It was my fault, i did silly stuffs, committed a huge mistake, and i have to face whatever the consequence is. and yeah I'm in BIG trouble!

God Help me!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

her friends over me

invited her into a party.

sms-ed me that she needed to study for her upcoming exams

i replyed okay.. but i was not really okay

around 9pm

i received another text from her: "asan ka? nandito kami sa timog ng mga friends ko."

i replied. "malayo sa yo"

she has time for her friend but she didn't spare even a single minute for me. Crap! you can do better than "exam" thingy alibi..

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jimmy Who? Is it Choo?

I am Jimmy. Screaming that the world is unfair and protesting against cruelty and wickedness. But day by day his voice became husky until one day he opened his mouth and heard nothing. he became mute, but that didn't stopped him from telling what he feels. He is using this blog as a weapon same way as Rizal used his novels for a pen is mightier than a sword!

I used be a blogger superstar (if there is such) yet I miss the days when I was a noob in this blog thingy. Kept myself anonymous and written some good stuffs. I miss the days when every single comment is much appreciated, and every single page visit will make me ecstatic. I miss the days where I made myself busy bloghopping. During those days I had the freedom to write whatever I want without thinking what would my readers reaction would be and besides I dont even have a single reader during my prehistoric blogging days. Sure, blogging made me famous and keep me sociable but I want to go back to the days where i can write every single word, play with my imagination, put it into my online journal and where I was somekind of a superhero, hiding my persona from the world. I wanted to go back to the days where exploring blogosphere was exciting and adventurous. I wanted to make a change in blogosphere but obviously blogosphere changed me. So that's why this blog was born.

Ps. Im not really a mute. I just used that word to describe what I feel about myself. because I felt that nobody listens and that nobody cared about me. So this is now my world.. one of the few blogs I have. And i hope that i'll be maintaining this journal cause I think i am psycho-whatever and I can't afford a shrink. LOl

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