Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jimmy Who? Is it Choo?

I am Jimmy. Screaming that the world is unfair and protesting against cruelty and wickedness. But day by day his voice became husky until one day he opened his mouth and heard nothing. he became mute, but that didn't stopped him from telling what he feels. He is using this blog as a weapon same way as Rizal used his novels for a pen is mightier than a sword!

I used be a blogger superstar (if there is such) yet I miss the days when I was a noob in this blog thingy. Kept myself anonymous and written some good stuffs. I miss the days when every single comment is much appreciated, and every single page visit will make me ecstatic. I miss the days where I made myself busy bloghopping. During those days I had the freedom to write whatever I want without thinking what would my readers reaction would be and besides I dont even have a single reader during my prehistoric blogging days. Sure, blogging made me famous and keep me sociable but I want to go back to the days where i can write every single word, play with my imagination, put it into my online journal and where I was somekind of a superhero, hiding my persona from the world. I wanted to go back to the days where exploring blogosphere was exciting and adventurous. I wanted to make a change in blogosphere but obviously blogosphere changed me. So that's why this blog was born.

Ps. Im not really a mute. I just used that word to describe what I feel about myself. because I felt that nobody listens and that nobody cared about me. So this is now my world.. one of the few blogs I have. And i hope that i'll be maintaining this journal cause I think i am psycho-whatever and I can't afford a shrink. LOl

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