Monday, July 7, 2008


June 27, 2008

I went to Mall Of Asia to attend the Buhay Coke ng Mga Bloggers event. It was an awesome party. Free foods, free booze, free coke of course and lots of freebies.

the pictures on the right side of your window screen is the freebies i got from that said event.


I woke up early today and I immediately signed in my yahoo messenger account then my girl friend pm-ed me and as usual she's talking about this romance with someone who doesn't love her back. Now she's feeling empty and alone and she felt like nobody loves her. Typical post-heartbreak trauma. lol. So i said everything's gonna be fine. Okay I suck when it comes to this shit. I wasn't blessed with a good guidance speech talent but surely though i got some listening skills. I just hope that my listening skills are enough to comfort her and tell her that even though she felt like nobody loves her, we; her friends we'll still be on her side caring for her.

maybe I should give her coke? hmmm.. or maybe not.. haha

Friday, July 4, 2008


money is teh root of all evil

hell yeah. i would do anything for money especially now that i'm effing broke. i have 300 bucks on my wallet. I'm poor! boohoo! pity me

I was thinking of maybe selling my kidneys and internal organ but Philippine law doenst allow such act anymore unlike before were selling kidneys is very rampant. My last resort would be ending up into cybersex industry, porn making, and dancing in gay bars and selling my virgin ass. Yay! i wish my bro had already received our allowance. I can't go to a party being broke. Dear God please make me a millionaire! I need moolahs!

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